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Our Mersing to Tioman excursion is quite in demand, not only for the excellent kayaking fun it provides on the way there, but also once you're in Tioman. Surrounded by crystal-clear seas, Tioman is blessed with some of the most resplendent coral reefs this side of Great Barrier Reef. And Tioman's flora and fauna, both above and below the waterline, are endowed with superb diversity.

Aerial shot of Pulau Renggis
Aerial shot of Pulau Renggis

Day trips to Pulau Renggis and Coral Island are usually included in the program; great fun, not only in terms of the kayaking in a breathtaking environment but also from the point of view of exploring these little islands upon arrival. Make sure you bring a set of snorkeling gear to turn your day into a full-on zinger.

Optionally, the weekend excursion can include a trip to Juara, situated on the east coast of Tioman. If everyone is up to it, the group kayaks there, either by the northern route, through Kampongs ABC and Salang, or by the southern route, via Kampongs Paya and Genting.

On the move...
On the move...

That said, 4x4 are available also to take kayakers and gear to Juara by road. This can be decided on the spot, subject to vehicle availability of course.

Incidentally, By the way, kayak angling aficionados may want to have a go at angling. Tioman is gazetted as no-angling zone, for obvious reasons, but once off-shore 2 miles or more, fishing is permitted. In fact, Rompin, which is not too far from Tioman is Sailfish Central, so don't be surprised if you hook one!

Lastly, please note that for this kind of rough and tumble kayak action, at least one star is compulsory. Also, and this goes without saying, wearing a life-jacket, is a must, at all times.

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