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Train Tickets

If you intend to visit a lot of different places during your Malaysia trip, then keep in mind that Malaysia is quite a big country. Wanting to see a lot of sites and landmarks in all likelihood will entail covering considerable distances. Whilst you can take a taxi, or a bus if you're on a budget, keep in mind that the train is a great way to get from A to B too.

Straight and narrow

The train has a few benefits over the bus, in that it's a bit more relaxing to travel on a train. There's fewer traffic issues to worry about, for instance, and weather has less of an impact too on the tracks, as opposed to the roads in Malaysia, which aren't always well maintained and may be unlit for serious stretches. The train, on the other hand, travels along the straight and narrow track, which means there are fewer things that can pose a problem. Plus, on a train, you get to get up and walk around whenever you like.

Views galore

The other enjoyable aspect of going by train is that the route can sometimes take you to pretty remote areas, such as jungle, far-flung villages or rugged coastlines. All of these make for enjoyable panoramas, that really come into their own from the comfort of a Pullman seat. Selfie time!

Bang for your buck

Let's also not forget that train tickets in Malaysia are very cheap. When you go by train, it's safe to say that each Ringgit spent gets you the most distance covered when compared to bus, taxi or rental car. That said, each of these modes of transport has its own specific benefits of course.

If you think you'd enjoy the train and you want to book your tickets now, it's good to know that the Malaysia railway system, called KTMB, provides tickets online. Just use the form below to make sure that your seats are locked in for you. Tip: Weekends, public holidays and school holidays tend to be busy spells. This also applies to July to August peak season.

Hop on the train

You can use this train booking form for all train journeys in Singapore, Malaysia as well as Thailand
Pro tip! Use Google Maps to select your train stations.