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Bus & Taxi

If you know you'll be needing to get round in Malaysia during your holiday, then it's good to know that the 2 main means of transport here are bus (or coach) and taxi.

Bus and coach are pretty much the same, although buses tend to have more stops along the way, rendering them a little slower. Buses also may or may not have aircon, which is something to take note of if you're not used to the high temperatures here. Lastly, the seats in buses are not quite as comfy as the seats in coaches.

Book your coach online for guaranteed seats
Book your coach online for guaranteed seats

This applies to the whole cabin actually. That is, the entire coach experience tends to be a little more comfortable, with added perks like in-vehicle entertainment and a lavatory. Obviously, given these extras, coach tickets are usually higher than bus ticket. But all told, arguably, coaches are best value for money, especially given the great MYR currency exchange rate to Euro, USD, SGD etc.

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If you like to get around faster, you can take a taxi. Clearly, going by taxi is more convenient, as well as more private.

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NOTE: Peak season is August till October

Note: You can use this reservation form for all other bus journeys in Singapore and Malaysia.


If you prefer going places by private vehicle, there are several options, depending on your number of passengers and the comfort level you prefer. From cost-effective passenger cars to comfortable MPV's, even vans suitable to carry up to 12 passengers are available.

Example: Taxi Singapore to Mersing/Tioman Cost in Singapore Dollars
TypePax  1-way/
Car1-4240460410 + ferry tickets
MPV4-6280500450 + ferry tickets
Van6-10350640590 + ferry tickets

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